My Engagement Shoot in Scotland, Part 1: Photos in Glasgow

This is part one of Ken and my engagement shoot series featuring our engagement photos taken in Aug 2013. For more on our story, readHow I Found My Soulmate (series) and My Proposal.

Engagement shoot: Hand in hand, together forever :)

Three months ago Ken and I were in Scotland for our engagement shoot. I’m excited to announce that the pictures are finally ready for your viewing! πŸ˜€

What is Engagement Photography?

If you guys aren’t familiar with engagement photography, it is a form of wedding photography showcasing the couple in everyday wear, doing dating activities. Besides engagement photography, a popular form of wedding photography is bridal photography, where the couple dons their bridal wear and is shot in both outdoor and indoor environments.

Bridal photography

An example of bridal photography.

Wedding photography tends to be posy (and sometimes even cheesy) while engagement photography is more candid and authentic. Because of that, Ken and I chose to do engagement shots over bridal ones; we also prefer to save our gown and suit for our big day since that is the special day. We wanted our wedding shoot to be about us and our relationship, not the garb.

Doing My Engagement Shoot in Scotland

Believe it or not, shooting in Scotland was never in our plans! We were planning to engage a local photographer and we had already shortlisted some options.

But when Ken was sent on a two-week work trip to Scotland and asked me to come along, the opportunity presented itself quite serendipitously.

So we did our research of U.K. photographers; you guys also gave recommendations when I asked for help (thank you so much!). Eventually we nailed down two photographers for two shoots: one in Glasgow and another in Edinburgh as we wanted to capture the different scenery in Scotland, since we’re only going to do this once. πŸ™‚

Our Engagement Shoot, Part 1: Pictures in Glasgow

Since our engagement shots were done in two locations, I’ve split them into two posts for your viewing. Today’s post is the first featuring our shots in Glasgow. For this shoot, we engaged local wedding photographer extraordinaire Neil Douglas, a very down-to-earth guy with a great eye for artistic photography!

I’ve to say this about Neil: he knows his stuff. Neil has been doing photography for eight years and came recommended by PE reader Anna, a friend of Neil’s wife (if you’re reading this Anna, thanks for the recommendation!! πŸ™‚ ).

Given that an engagement shoot is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, I was all over it from nailing down reference shots of what we want, the mood, scene specifications, and more!! Neil was totally patient and responsive in his email communication, which was very reassuring. πŸ™‚ Not only that, he also initiated a pre-meeting after we reached Scotland to brief us on the shoot, which was very professional.

In the end, we covered quite a few spots in Glasgow (from Kelvingrove Park to areas near Argyle Street), showing a nice transition from nature to urban spots. The output was gorgeous and Ken and I are very happy with the result. We have shortlisted 26 (out of 94) shots for our wedding album: this post shares these 26 photos, with minor touch ups (hair and color) by me. You may have seen some of these photos in the soulmate series. πŸ˜‰

Enjoy, and click on the link at the end to see our shots in Edinburgh! πŸ˜‰

Engagement shoot: Hand in hand, together forever

β€œζ‰‹η‰΅ζ‰‹οΌŒδΈ€η›΄ιƒ½η‰΅η€δ½ ηš„ζ‰‹γ€‚β€ (Translated from Chinese: Hand in hand, together forever.) Ken says that to me every day, to the point where it has become like our relationship slogan.

Engagement shoot: Reflection in the water

Our reflection, mirrored on the water. My friend thought this was just a picture of us flipped vertically until I told her it was a reflection! This was a serendipitous picture because we chanced upon the water puddle during the shoot (it rained earlier in the morning) and Neil immediately saw a photo moment right there!

Engagement shoot: Hug

A quiet moment together

Engagement shoot: Kiss


Engagement shoot: A gentle hug

I love how Neil captured Ken’s gentleness, both in his smile and body language, here.

Engagement shoot: On the bridge

I love this bridge shot! It’s so beautiful: from the composition, to the tone, to the emotions. While Neil originally suggested we hold our hands or hang out on the bridge, Ken came up with the idea to carry me, because that’s what he always does. He often carries me at home so that I can touch the ceiling, because he wants me to “reach for the sky”.

Engagement shoot: Ken swinging me around

Swinging me around, just like what he did after I said “yes”

Engagement shoot: Closeup at the bridge

Having fun together. We were laughing really hard here!

Engagement shoot: Hugging in the park

Oh, hello! πŸ™‚

Engagement shoot: In each other's embrace

In each other’s embrace

Engagement shoot: Heart-shaped fingers

Heart-shaped fingers, a gesture we make to each other all the time

Engagement shoot: Frozen, in a moment in time

One of my favorite pictures; it’s so epic and monumental. Feels like one of those pictures that you can see on a postcard or photo frame!

Engagement shoot: Lovers in the city

Lovers in the city; another postcard- / photo-frame-esque photo! Ken is bending down and slanting his head towards me in this shot: exactly how he looks whenever I lean forward to kiss his cheek. πŸ™‚

A romantic night out

Romantic night out

Engagement shoot: Ken fixing my flower hair clip


Engagement shoot: Chatting endlessly under the stars

Chatting endlessly under the stars. When we’re together, we can talk for hours and hours to no end; many times we would lay on the bed and talk till morning not having slept the day before!

Engagement shoot: The ring

The ring (which he got from Tiffany); a symbol of our love.

Engagement shoot: Lovers in the city; in each other's embrace

Lovers in the city, locked in each other’s embrace. Another postcard-esque photo! πŸ™‚

Engagement shoot: At the top of the world

I asked Ken what he was thinking when this shot was captured (since he looked so happy and dreamy), and he said he was thinking about our future together and how happy he is that we’re going to spend our lives together. πŸ™‚

Engagement shoot: Kissing in the sea of people

Together in the sea of people. I love this photo because it symbolizes us our togetherness even in a sea of people; even amidst externalities and potential disturbances.

Engagement shoot: Alley kiss

I love the lights here. And the colors β€” so beautiful.

Engagement shoot: Hand in hand, together forever :)

Another hand-in-hand photo. Together forever. πŸ™‚

Engagement shoot: Ken giving me a piggyback ride in the forest-park

Ken giving me a piggyback ride, something he always does πŸ™‚

Engagement shoot: A quiet moment in the park

A quiet moment in the park

Engagement shoot: A quiet moment in the park (Closeup)


Engagement shoot: Walking into the sunset

Last but not least, walking into the sunset, into the light. Together forever, till the end of time. This is another of our favorite shots. πŸ™‚ Reader Farnam made this comment about the picture which is really sweet: “Your photo is really beautiful; two lovers caring for and protecting each other and walking towards eternal brightness via a road filled with ups and downs. [Despite] many distractions (trees) beside them, they are going to complete their mission (moving towards the light).”

(All clothes and accessories from our wardrobe. Photography fully sponsored by Neil Douglas Photography. Visit Neil’s site to see more of his portfolio and to engage him for your shoot. Thanks Neil for all your help and amazing photos!! πŸ™‚ )

Head on to part two, which features our photos in Edinburgh featuring us in Tantallon Castle, Cramond Beach, St Giles’ Cathedral, and Edinburgh City: My Engagement Shoot in Scotland, Part 2: Photos in Edinburgh

(Image: Bridal shot; All other images: Neil Douglas)

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